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Welcome to Solaris, the Utility backed Web3 Ecosystem which bridges utility based assets with the world of Web3

The Solaris NFT Collection is the perfect balance of cool and trending art along with real life utilities.


Solaris is launching the Landlords collection, a revolutionary new NFT collection that allows investors to purchase and own fractionalized ownership of real estate plots through  non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Each NFT in the collection will represent a specific real estate plot and will give the owner the right to a certain percentage of revenue and yield generated from the project.

Solaris focuses on creating residential and commercial properties that are aesthetically pleasing, incorporate the latest in sustainable design and technology, and provide customized solutions for clients in various sectors. 


High-quality rendered artwork with various unique traits


A minimum assured yield per NFT


Exclusive Benefits and Perks for NFT Holders


A Global Community of NFT Holders and Enthusiasts



Solaris is a diversified project with the primary focus on real estate development in India, as well as other services such as robotics, engineering, design, education, and events. Its core mission is to create sustainable communities that integrate cutting-edge technology, design, and educational programs, while also fostering economic growth and development.


Tangible Asset-Backed

The Landlords NFT project is backed by physical real estate assets, which provides investors with a tangible and secure investment opportunity.

Fractional Ownership

The Landlords NFT project allows for fractional ownership of real estate assets, making it an affordable and efficient investment option.


The NFTs can be easily traded and managed through NFT marketplaces, providing investors with a convenient way to exit or enter the investment at any time.

Unique Benefits

Along with cool and trendy art, the investors community gets access to some unique perks and benefits which will be exclusive for Solaris Landlords.


Landlords are unique characters with different traits (like hair, facial expression, skin colour, clothing, etc) along with some unique perks and benefits attached to the NFTs. The Collection will be revealed in 3 Phases with some rarity traits as well in each Phase.

LandLord #0001
LandLord #0002
LandLord #0003
LandLord #0004
LandLord #0005
LandLord #0006


Stage1 - 2021
  • Market Research
  • Concept Development
  • Pre-Seed Fundraising
  • Legal Consultations
Stage 2: 2022
  • Identifying Real Estate Properties
  • Partnerships
  • Ecosystem Setup
  • Property onboarding audits
  • Team Building
Stage 3: 2023 (Q1)
  • White Paper Release
  • Website Revamp
  • NFT Development
  • Community & Social Media Engagements
Stage 4: 2023 (Q2)
  • Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Phase 1 NFT launch
  • Social Media Activation and Events
  • Planning of NFT Phase 2 & 3 launch.
Stage 5: 2023 (Q3)
  • Launch of Phase 2 & 3 NFTs
  • Development of Solaris DAO
  • Planning for Solaris Token launch
  • Planning for "Solaris Air," a 20 acre real estate development



Soorjodeep Das

Founder, Solaris Holdings

Samantak Saha

Team Lead

Akash Ray

Community Lead

Rakesh Samui

Graphic Designer

Ayan Majumdar

Social Media Lead


Here we have provided some commonly asked questions and their answers about Solaris and the LandLords Collection. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us by interacting with us through our Community (Discord).

All Solaris NFTs come attached with tangible assets. These assets will help you earn a specified yield. The NFTs will also give you rights to a certain pre defined physical property and it will in the long run earn you profits from sale/development.

No, in order to do that we’ll have to register the land in the holders name with the municipality. The NFT will give you rights of ownership which means you will get a piece of it’s revenue post development or sale.

Solaris Holding has the luxury of being a multi-faceted company with various well-established divisions boasting a healthy cash flow and market strategy. Our background in real estate development and strategic partnerships helped us to, for the first time in India, build an entire township project via NFTs. No other real estate tokenization project has reached the scale and size of Solaris Hub Town and neither did they offer revenue from the sale and development of the property.

We will provide our agreement with the land owners and arrangers to prove the projects authenticity along with MOUs and site plans to everything as transparent as possible.

No, prices for the properties will not be volatile. Your investment will always be up by at least 50% and the underlying asset will be stable and also adjust for inflation. This investment comes with absolutely no risk.


We plan on launching our DAO and Token by the end of 2023. The token will allow people to invest in our company and all its divisions as a whole. We will also be minting new NFTs for our upcoming real estate projects and projects from other divisions of Solaris Holding. Our company is also on the verge of acquiring a new property that spans over 25 acres in the heart of Kolkata valued at over INR 21,100,000 per 720 sqft.

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