About Us

We are a group of Web3 Fanatics working on Tokenization of Real Assets & providing real life utilities to the community.

About Solaris


Solaris is launching the Landlords collection, a revolutionary new NFT collection that allows investors to purchase and own fractionalized ownership of real estate plots through  non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Each NFT in the collection will represent a specific real estate plot and will give the owner the right to a certain percentage of revenue and yield generated from the project.

The Landlords collection is the first of its kind in the real estate industry and represents a major breakthrough in the use of NFTs for real estate investments.

It focuses on creating residential and commercial properties that are aesthetically pleasing, incorporate the latest in sustainable design and technology, and provide customized solutions for clients in various sectors. 


High-quality rendered artwork with various unique traits


A minimum assured yield per NFT


Exclusive Benefits and Perks for NFT Holders


A Global Community of NFT Holders and Enthusiasts

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STEP - 01

Tangible Asset-Backed

The Landlords NFT project is backed by physical real estate assets, which provides investors with a tangible and secure investment opportunity.

STEP - 02

Fractional Ownership

The Landlords NFT project allows for fractional ownership of real estate assets, making it an affordable and efficient investment option.

STEP - 03


The NFTs can be easily traded and managed through NFT marketplaces, providing investors with a convenient way to exit or enter the investment at any time.

STEP - 04

Sell Your NFT's

Unique Perks and Benefits: Along with cool and trendy art, the investors community gets access to some unique perks and benefits which will be exclusive for Solaris Landlords.


Stage1 - 2021
  • Market Research
  • Concept Development
  • Pre-Seed Fundraising.
  • Legal Consultations
Stage 2: 2022
  • Identifying Real Estate
  • Partnerships
  • Ecosystem Setup
  • Property onboarding audits
  • Team Building
Stage 3: 2023 (Q1)
  • White Paper Release
  • Website Revamp
  • NFT Development
  • Community & Social Media Engagements
Stage 4: 2023 (Q2)
  • Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Phase 1 NFT launch
  • Social Media Activation and Events
  • Planning of NFT Phase 2 & 3 launch.
Stage 5: 2023 (Q3)
    • Launch of Phase 2 & 3 NFTs
    • Development of Solaris DAO
    • Planning for Solaris Token launch
    • Planning for "Solaris Air," a 20 acre real estate development
    estate development